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Online Company Stores to get your Field Office Goodies in a Hurry

TurboF.O.G. is designed with the corporate office in mind. If you've ever had too much of a "great buy" sitting around somewhere, or a batch that came with the wrong logo; had to manage which departments ordered what items, negotiated what terms, or fulfilled office requests one at a time; you KNOW how extremely time consuming, and frustrating this process can be.

TurboF.O.G. is a custom online company store Promotions will build for you to simplify, and streamline the routine purchase of corporate branded logo products while leveraging opportunities for pricing breaks. Additionally, this solution aids in monitoring appropriate field use of corporate identity products & eliminates costs for warehousing, double-shipping, fulfillment, labor & insurance.

Today, many organizations have grown through acquisition or have become de-centralized to be nearer to their clients. When companies are geographically spread out, it becomes difficult and time consuming for the headquarters office to ensure that corporate branded products are consistently up to their standards, are available when needed, and not sitting in large quantities in the back store room.

TurboF.O.G. is designed to:

  • ensure consistency throughout your field offices for give-aways, incentives and thank-you gifts.
  • let each office locations order in a paperless manner what they need, when they need it; and in an accurate and just-in-time manner.
  • ensure logo integrity on every items such as pens, key tags, shirts and hats can
  • eliminate excess storage of large quantities of merchandise

For Example: Your New Mexico branch office manager can order the 1000 new pens when she needs them in 5 months, while the branch manager in L.A. can order hers now. No more storing or losing merchandise!

While the field offices have the flexibility they need, the corporate office gains the control they want to negotiate and determine the corporate items; and approve for the coming year. The price, time and convenience saving can be significant.

Let the experts at Promotions do it all for you in a streamlined process. We'll...

  • Manage and fulfill orders for HQ and Branch offices, dealers, properties
  • We'll automatically bill based on co-op programs or pre-determined agreements when the order is placed online
  • We'll negotiate just-in-time shipments with manufacturers and production manage your orders
  • We'll create quarterly reports to let you know which office ordered what, when and for how much

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